This summer when all the eyes are set on Brazil for the Olympics we could not avoid it either, especially because it is a good tradition for us to start new projects with this country. Our editors are always following the artists who were interviewed on 3D Architettura and became a part of our community. In this overview we would like to show you some new projects created by the artists from Brazil and to remind you their interviews that were published on 3D Architettura.

Bruno Lima
Luiz Andrade

3D artists,
founders of DPI Studio

You need to have patience and believe in your work. You must also be passionate about the profession. It is necessary to have pleasure in what you do so you can show your best in each new job. In each image it is important to pay close attention to every detail. It’s the details that make the difference. Finally, it is also very important to keep studying and seeking information to stay up to date with the market.

Trailer of the rendering course by DPI Studio for Render Academy

I remember that I was thrilled with some videos with a meteor falling in flames, and I fell in love with 3d software since then. I’ve been working in several areas, not only in architecture but also in animation, so I had the opportunity to learn more each day. The beginning is always very difficult, and we must persist to achieve a target in the market, that is very competitive searching market professionals with high quality. This is why one has to to be qualifying every day.

Alberth Costa

3D Artist

Fernando Gasperin

 3D Artist
CEO of Blackhaus

You have to study a lot, to enjoy what you do and mainly try to find the best field on the market that makes you happy. Every project that involves us at Blackhaus has always new challenges; this way we always face new problems to solve and challenge ourselves to learn and train more and more.

The green colour of our logo symbolises family and hope. My partner is my wife and together we have a son and the company is what keeps our family financially and with which we prosper and help the prosperity of our customers and staff. The circle is the whole, perfection, wholeness, the energy flowing!

Valmor Ernesto Bona Junior

business owner of Bona Studio

Matheus Passos

CEO at MPviz

I always admired visual scenarios built by Lucas and Cameron:I consider it very fascinating to know that nothing in their movies was real…Then I understood it was a great opportunity to create imaginary worlds myself and for my country.

I suggest you to run after your goals, study enough, do specialization courses, read a lot. The architecture as a whole, this includes 3D Design are part of our daily life, make your design beautiful and functional, share ideas with people who add around you and try to be better than yesterday.

Gustavo Tassoniero

3D Artist,
Art Director

Thiago Lima

Graphic designer,
3D artist

I’m a graphic designer so in the beginning I used 3D simply as an extra tool for my print jobs, later I used it in web design jobs and finally in architectural jobs. This was until I reached my own style and quality. I mostly learned 3D by myself, just looking for some tutorials and rendering a lot of teapots

Since I can remember, I loved computer graphics so I always wanted to work with 3D but I thought it would be nearly impossible to do (no English proficiency, no information about CG in school). I was just lost, but when I was preparing (at age 18) to enter University, at school I met a guy who was working with 3D. After that I annoyed him so much with questions about it that he invited me to his lectures.

Vinicius Inácio

Arch Viz Artist

Tiago Sillos Padovani


I am an artist trained in architecture and I have my spatial awareness and dexterity, but never liked that thing to make a drawing on paper and having to always hit first, (particularly my work with physical media are not very clean) when we use the computer can always trim the edges and tunings always happen. Everything can be redesigned and saved.

The most difficult was the fact that I did not have a computer when I started. I borrowed one from my aunt, at the time it was very good, so I did pretty well! Currently, the most difficult is to balance speed Vs quality, because the deadlines are becoming smaller.

Caue Rodrigues

3D Artist

Alexandre Faccenda

Manager of Mondo 3D

My first contact with 3D was in my childhood when I saw the movie Tron, in 1982. All those effects aroused great curiosity to understand how it could be done, however it was only possible start working with computer graphics officially in 1994 when I started studying architecture and had access to more powerful computers with 3D Studio R4 and finally allowed to put my projects into practice.

I think the main thing is practice. There is no sense in knowing index of refraction of each material without practicing in vray. I can tell those just starting out: you need to really enjoy what you do, it’s a brilliant career, although with many obstacles.

Lucas Silva

3D Artist

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