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Tag: mudbox

Best CGI software and tools for 2020

All recent updates for the professional software and tools you need for modeling, texturing, image-based lighting and rendering of your architectural visualization projects.
autodesk mudbox 2019

Autodesk Mudbox 2019 is out

Autodesk Mudbox 2019 update - Preserve Volume, Dynamic Tesselation, Combine Meshes, Separate Selection and other new options.


Remember: although optimizing textures size, lights and "general rendering setting" speeds the work, overdoing it, can ruin the end result.


Well known tool in the community of 3D artists named 3D Coat, recently upgraded to version 4.1.


The Multi-Tile UV Bake Tool allows you to bake multi-tile texture collections in 3ds Max using common naming conventions such as MARI UDIM, Mudbox or Zbrush.
Tiago Sillos Padovani, 3d, architecture, design, 3darchitettura, render

Tiago Sillos Padovani

Always it is extremely difficult to tune adjustment of 3d modeled on real image. I solved it by learning how to deal with a real camera and used it in the virtual world.

Alexander Lysak

Every project I start with collecting information: drawings, textures, photos etc. Professional architecture photos help to understand the atmosphere - to play with light and shadow and to create realistic details of the environment.
3d, architecture, 3darchitettura, render, Sasan Khatibi

Sasan Khatibi

If you're trying to create something realistic you need to make little details which you didn't even noticed before, you may think that they are not needed or no one will notice, but the trouble is that exactly these details have the most powerful impact in overall.

Mohammadreza Mohseni

I think I have been never satisfied with my results because I know it can be better and I don’t have much time to work on them to reaching almost perfection. However, every project has a time limit hence we gave up upon it