Well known tool in the community of 3D artists named 3D Coat, recently upgraded to version 4.1.

3D Coat

Well, visit the gallery, google it, read on forums, look at the features and watch some videos on youtube: it is amazing! (oh, and try the free demo here)

3D Coat 4.1 has been improved for 3D printing process, to simplify the creation and the management of tolerances in pieces joints.

3d coat for 3d printing
3d coat for 3d printing

The software has also been used in many award-winning productions and advertising. Here is “The Pirate” for Cartoon Network created by Swedish Meindbender Animation Studio.

[ot-video type=”vimeo” url=”https://vimeo.com/22342702″]

We could write here the long list of features and improvements of release 4.1, but it would be a mere copy/paste because they are quite impressively explained on the developer’s page here.

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