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Tag: after effects

CGI summer 2020

Are you ready to re-start after the lockdowns? Let's create a perfect summer with V-Ray 5, Maxwell Render 5.1, Marvelous Designer 9.5, new procedural Ivy Generator for 3ds Max and other software and plugins for CGI and arch-viz that we have collected in our digest of the recent releases.


As you already know, the last days of October animago Awards has announced the winners of this year. Today we would like to introduce you Stefan Larsson from Japan. His CG animation "Spatial bodies" was chosen by animago expert jury as the best Architecture Film of 2016.

Adobe Creative Cloud new tools

Adobe presented new features coming to Adobe Creative Cloud tools for video editing, motion graphics/VFX, and audio.


To set lighting in a scene, you need to know some photography basics to understand camera settings and white balance.
Olivier Dheilly, archiviz artist from La Reunion, tells 3D Architettura about his aproach to rendering and photorealistic 3d visualizations


If your model is done well, it's easy to modify: you can be sure, your customer will ask fast modifications.


Imagine the possibility offered by Physically Based (Realtime) Rendering (PBR shading) and the immediate response of this next-gen videogame technology applyed to 3D Visualization.
MIESGGROUP interviewed for 3D Architettura: 3d, architecture, design, render, CG


Have a love for what you are doing, artistic vision and always be at the vanguard of CG and 3D-field
Tiago Sillos Padovani, 3d, architecture, design, 3darchitettura, render

Tiago Sillos Padovani

Always it is extremely difficult to tune adjustment of 3d modeled on real image. I solved it by learning how to deal with a real camera and used it in the virtual world.
3d, architecture, 3darchitettura, render, Sasan Khatibi

Sasan Khatibi

If you're trying to create something realistic you need to make little details which you didn't even noticed before, you may think that they are not needed or no one will notice, but the trouble is that exactly these details have the most powerful impact in overall.

Amman Abdulkarim

At first I really didn't like Archviz, I found it very difficult at the time, but through the struggle of having to learn how to do it because my situation depended on it at the time sparked a passion for it, I have been an archviz artist mainly over the last 2 years and my desire to do what I do grows more everyday.

Vinicius Inácio

Actually even the things that I did wrong I would redo, because I have no doubt that some of bad choices I did made me met the 3D guy at my school, and today I'm extremely glad that I can say I'm actually working with 3D.

Togrul Gasanov

I love the movies and cartoons with great special effects. Once, when I was a kid, I was watching the first cartoon made in 3D and I have a face like "WOW". And I like it. I did not even have a clue about their making. I again saw the same cartoon and remembered that time when I was admire until. I immediately raised the question "How is it made by people?" After that, I began to search a lot of information about making 3D cartoons in internet. I found the softwares they used to make that movies and I said to myself: why not to try yourself in the 3D field?