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Tag: multiscatter

Thomas Deffet

One of the most important thing is to look at the details in the real world and work on it. More you work on the details, more the scene will be realistic.


For achieving photorealistic results general taste in design is far more important than just a technical knowledge of the software.


Analyze distance to vegetation on your render and real necessity for detailed materials - this way you shorten rendering time.


To set lighting in a scene, you need to know some photography basics to understand camera settings and white balance.
Hector Martinez Garcia, CG artist from Mexico, interview on


3D is just a tool, so the most important is to provide the solution for the needs of our customers.
Alfonso Cucinelli interviewed for 3d Architettura: render, 3d, design, cg, architecture


First everything seems difficult, but you overcome obstacles. In this fantastic but complex field, you always learn and face challenges.
Mohamed Sabry interviewed for 3darchitettura: render, 3d, CG, design, architecture


The only way to make great work is to love what you do. And to spend time to improve yourself.


Short deadlines can be a problem, and time management. I usually have 6-8 projects going at the same time, so I often find myself running between my computers.

Igor Bobkov

Now the most difficult is to create chaos. In real life, for example, you do not find absolutely clean surfaces in architecture - there are water stains on walls, dust, dirt on the borders of asphalt roads and so on.

Federico Ciavarella

As an architect, at the university I realized how much importance 3d visualization has for architectural projects, this is mainly what pushed me to increase my knowledge about this field.


There is something about taking a building design, and then transforming that design into a visually pleasing artistic impression. It is also great to see clients that do not understand how to visualise architectural drawings, get involved and excited to see the end product before they even start to build their development.


I think all our personal works give us great satisfaction, because its there where we can learn more and show our main architecture and photography references, but also our rendering and post-production techniques.