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Our goal is to make our animated video films and images evoke feelings and tell stories about the objects from which they are created.
Samir Al Qeisi

Samir Al Qeisi

Architectural Visualization projects of Samir Al Qeisi, Consultant Architect, Urban Designer & Lecturer at University of Nizwa.

Lumion 9 is out

ACT-3D has released Lumion 9, real-time rendering software for arch-viz. The developers promise "photorealistic environments faster than ever before" with the photorealistic sky, rain, grass and improved UX features.

Lumion 7.5

Act 3D has released Lumion 7.5 update in the beginning of July.

Lumion 7

Lumion 7 easily transforms sterile walls and statues into realistic living surfaces with foliage, imperfections, and natural weathering.


Latest update of Lumion 6.3 now allows to demonstrate 3D models from Sketchup and Revit on Gear VR and Oculus Rift DK2 (Oculus CV1 support will follow soon).
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At the very beginning of the development, Lumion dev-team introduced the software as an easy and affordable tool to do things traditionally seen as difficult, laborious or impossible.
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There is a line between being good and being professional. Time, effort, hope and experience are necessary to achieve professionalism
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I started learning with the wish to become on of the best and I always keep this wish in mind. I still have a long road ahead and some time I will make all my dreams come true.