Samir Al Qeisi

Lecturer, Consultant Architect & Urban Designer
– University of Nizwa –



Consultant Architect, Urban Designer & Lecturer (B.Sc. Arch. Eng., M.Sc. Urb. Design, D.E.A. CAD-M, Ph.D. Candidate).
Faculty member – Department of Architecture and Interior Design – University of Nizwa, – Sultanate of Oman.
Principal Architect – (Bunyan Cabinet for Engineering Consultancy) – University of Nizwa, – Sultanate of Oman.

Samir Al Qeisi
Sketchup + Vray

Newroz Mall – 24 000 sqm of commercial facilities in the heart of Zakho city center.

Iraq 2014-2015.

Samir Al Qeisi
Sketchup + Vray

Twin houses – 400 sqm total site area, Mosul – Iraq, 2012
Creating an intimate shared outdoor space belonging to both twin houses.

Samir Al Qeisi

300 sqm row houses residential project, Baghdad Iraq, 2011.
The residential project will offer four types of individual houses with areas of 200, 250, 300, and 360 sqm

Samir Al Qeisi
Sketchup + Lumion

400 sqm individual house, Tripoly – Libya, 2015.
Integrating interior spaces with exterior space to creat a convivial living environment.

Samir Al Qeisi
Sketchup + Vray

Seven floors residential over commercial building, Zakho, Iraq 2014-2015
Maximum utilization of available area.

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