For achieving photorealistic results general taste in design is far more important than just a technical knowledge of the software.

How have you started working in 3d-field?

I have architectural education. I graduated from college first and then attended a university. After my graduation I worked as an architect in several local architectural studios. During this period my interest in architectural visualization started growing and I understood that this is a very good instrument for presentation of my architectural projects.
Initially I was using Artlantis and I found this software very simple for archviz. I continued my path in this field with some courses on 3ds max and v-ray that were followed by  a lot of video lessons, books, forums.

Yuriy Bobak

Country: Ukraine
Age: 25
Job: Freelance CG artist

What is your usual workflow?

I start every work with modelling. Sometimes, if a project is big or requires any particular approach, I can use some help of my colleagues with modelling. Exterior models I usually create in Archicad. For other staff I use 3ds max, v-ray, corona , photoshop, Itoo Software.


What your consider most important in creating photo-realistic lighting and materials?

To achieve photorealistic results one needs to pay attention to details and to consider real materials in the physical world. For beginners in CG I can recommend to develop their own design taste. It is far more important than just a technical knowledge of a software.


Do you have any personal know-how for creating photo-realistic vegetation and plants?

To achieve a realistic result while creating vegetation you need to concentrate on diversity. For this purpose one can use procedural maps and mix colors. Also some plugins like MultiScatter or Forest Pack can help.


What are your plans for the future?

My dream is to develop and sell my own designs. I would like to create my own architectural studio.
As for the future of archviz industry, I see it in virtual reality. My prediction is that the real and virtual worlds would be closely united in the future.