Luciano Alves do Espirito Santo

For me the creation of a project or a render is not just a work with a computer and drawings. The most important for me is to bring satisfaction and happiness to my customers, because the art is a symbiosis of thinking and creating with love.

Brazil: best ArchViz and CG artists

This summer when all the eyes are set on Brazil for the Olympics we decided to start exactly with this country our  new series of stories.  Our editors are always following the artists who were interviewed on 3D Architettura and became a part of our community. In this overview we would like to show you some new projects created by the artists from Brazil and to remind you their interviews that were published on 3D Architettura.


You need to really enjoy what you do. ArchViz is a brilliant career but with many obstacles along the way.


I see many people who want to get into CG, looking too much to the tool and not at all to the art. Once I understood I had to study photography, posing, composition, even how a camera work, cinema, movement, colors and everything, my work started getting better.

Alexandre Faccenda

The biggest problem has always been the time, because the deadlines are getting shorter the solution is to run a good planning even before turning on your computer in order to minimize rework during the process, which could delay delivery.


The most difficult was the fact that I did not have a computer when I started. I borrowed one from my aunt, at the time it was very good, so I did pretty well

Tiago Sillos Padovani

Always it is extremely difficult to tune adjustment of 3d modeled on real image. I solved it by learning how to deal with a real camera and used it in the virtual world.

David Ouro de Toledo

The worst problem was not using as reference 3D pictures... I decided that just using photo reference and my imagination is enough...

Vinicius Inácio

Actually even the things that I did wrong I would redo, because I have no doubt that some of bad choices I did made me met the 3D guy at my school, and today I'm extremely glad that I can say I'm actually working with 3D.


When I gonna create something new I keep away from common things, or other 3D artworks 'cause it can make me copy others' ideas and I really hate this things. So I kind like to travel, go to bars with my friends, talk about other stuffs, cause I know it will gives me good ideas, take photos helps too.

Gustavo Tassoniero

Here in Brazil the market is heated, there are times with more and less demand. Marketing activities, and a little creativity when it comes to advertise the product are essential.

Matheus Passos

I always admired visual scenarios built by Lucas and Cameron:I consider it very fascinating to know that nothing in their movies was real...Then I understood it was a great opportunity to create imaginary worlds myself and for my country.