I prefer to spend less time in 3d-software and more in postproduction. For me Photoshop is the best render engine.

Boris Božić

Country: Croatia
Age: 34
Job: owner & 3d visualization artist at Studio GRiD
Website: www.studio-grid.net
SocialMedia: www.facebook.com/Studio-GRiD-Visualizing-Architecture-1409487936013296/timeline/?ref=tn_tnmn

Studio Grid at 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture MagazineWhy have you decided to work in 3d-field? When have you started? Where did you study?

I became interested in computer 2d/3d graphics and fascinated with architecture before and while attending the university. In that time, 15 years ago, 3d in architecture seriously started to grow here. Over the years I realized that I’d have more options for finding job and pop-up from average in the future if I learn 3d process, BIM software etc. After 10 years working as a 3d artist & architectural assistant in different offices, I had an opportunity to join studio Vyonyx, well known for their highly emotive visualizations. I learned lot there, especially at post-production stage.


Studio Grid at 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture MagazineWhat is your usual workflow? Which plugins and software you use? Do you make all the project yourself or delegate some parts of it?

About workflow I can say that I like to spend less time in 3d software setting up everything hyper-realistically in 3d and more time in Photoshop, especially for exterior scenes. Personally, as I like post-production stage the most, for me Photoshop is the best render engine. In interior scenes level of details in 3d model is so important and I’m trying to recreate as much as I can in 3d.
I tried many software like 3dsMax, Cinema4D, Modo, Blender, Lightwave. Vray, Maxwell Render, Corona. It’s not so important what software you use because every one of them has it’s own advantages and weakness.
For many years I was using 3dsMax/Vray/Photoshop combination. Most important plugins/scripts I was using inside 3dsMax are Forest Pack Pro, Soulburn Scripts, Floor Generator, Advanced Painter and many others, of course.
For now, I’m alone in my studio with no other employees and I create the whole process by myself. When I receive project with a really tight deadline from time to time I need help with setting up things in 3d with geometry/materials / lighting, I have some collaborators but if anyone, who will read this and have a strong portfolio, has a mad keen to apply drop an email, why not!

Studio Grid at 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture MagazineWhat your consider most important in creating photo-realistic lighting and materials? Any advice for the students just starting to learn 3D?

Photorealistic approach is the hardest one – it takes long time to finish. It requires all aspects of process to be well balanced – detailed modelling, lighting, texturing, colors, camera angles, postproduction. My advice for the students is to study photography a lot and to use real cameras and take a lot of pictures and try to shoot it like a pro photographer. Also, always use reference images for mood, ambience, lighting. Learn from them and try to re-create it.

Studio Grid at 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture MagazineDo you have any personal know-how for creating photo-realistic vegetation and plants?

Of course, the answer is super easy: Step outside of your office/house and watch it how it grows in real life and try to re-create it digitally!

Studio Grid at 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture MagazineWhat are your plans for the future? What forecasts you can make about the future of 3d-world in general?

Whole industry keeps growing and has a promising future. Our plan is fighting for our space in the industry with the focus to attract more worldwide architectural projects and expand our studio. One of the thing that I like most about this job is the possibility to work on excited and inspiring architectural or design projects somewhere far away in the different country and be a part of that process. We love what we do.


Studio Grid at 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture Magazine

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