Name: Romi Volentino
Age: 30
Job: freelance 3D artist
Country: Indonesia
Web site:

3DA: How did you start working in 3D field? How much time has been passed and what kind of studies did you do?

RV: It starts 6 years ago when I was still at the college, I was interested in one of my friend, because he can make render so realistic, and then I searched for some info on internet.

I can’t count how much time has been passed , because it so long and many 2 time to spend on it. I learn from bottom, I am poor, I don’t have good facilities, I saved my money to buy my own PC.

I learned by my own. Learned the basics form internet, trial error, watching youtube, practice etc.

I remember back in year 2007, I learn normal ies light until 1.30AM just for knowing the light intensity. Nobody helped me, just me and internet! Today many people share something, but some years ago people don’t wanna share so much.

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3DA:Which are your favourite software and plugins for your daily projects?

RV: I use 3ds Max, Autocad, Photoshop, Zbrush. I use Vray as render engine.

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3DA: Tell us something about a project that gave you great satisfactions

RV: I have some stories…When I was a freelance worker from England, it’s been chaos, I read and see the drawing only from jpg and notepad, and the task: “you must make bar facade, and bathroom”.The deadline was so tight, I kept in comunication with my client, day by day, by email. Finaly my image was finished, and he congratulateed with me by phone, and he paid me in US dollar!…thats was satisfy, when you know your client call you directly and say thanks by phone in that day…

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3DA: From where do you take ispiration for your artworks?

RV: From internet, tv, from real life, from junkyard, Great 3D artist like e Bertrand Benoit, Alex Roman, Pixela, Peter Guthrie etc..all human aspect can became inspiration too :D

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3DA: How do you live this period of economic crisis? How is it in your country?

RV: hmm…currently we are in strugle in here, many people strugle with high cost of life. Food price, gas, power, bills are climbing up form years by years.We must pick wich one is important to life, save some money, and not spend so much to secondary stuff like shopping, buy new clothes, buy new gadget, etc. If still not stable, I pick my work in overseas and find other country to stay. I think that Europe and Canada could appreciate my talent more than here.

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3DA: What would you suggest to people that are approaching to 3D and architecture?

RV: Every 2 month are borning more then 10 000 newbie artist all around the world, you can’t stop grow and learn, you must keep learn, and persued your dream, is not always expensive learn, also you can learn for free. If you have good willingness, you always stay hungry. If you stop and satisfy you with your talent, you will left behind.