Name: Muhammad Taher

age: 30

job: Architect & CG Artist

country: Egypt


3DA: How did you start working in 3D field? How much time has been passed and what kind of studies did you do?

MT: Actually ,I was fortunate to grow in family with a lot of artistic interests admiring all types of arts specially in drawing and photography, and I was always having a passion in CG field, so during my architectural studies at the university I started learning 3D and of course architectural visualization, because it’s related with my study. Since that time I began to work with 3ds Max, Vray and by the time I worked a lot by my self to improve my skills …in may 2007 I received a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, so this was the time to began my professional life and has been working continuously in Architecture and the 3D industry of architectural visualization.

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3DA: Which are your favourite software and plugins for your daily projects?

MT: My favourite softwares for my daily projects are 3ds Max with render engine Vray also Photoshop and Lightroom for post production. In 3ds Max I use also some pretty plugins like multi-scatter, railclone and etc.

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3DA: Tell us something about a project that gave you great satisfactions

MT: I’m really proud of Dubai Tuscan Villa which designed and created by me six months ago. Actually most of my projects tend to Italian style with oriental touch, but I think this one is very close to my biggest challenge is that how to design comfortable spaces with beauty to appear like a dream. On the other hand, this project won The “Best Visualization of the Week” from Ronen Bekerman’s forums and it’s has been chosen on frontpage in most CG forums with a lot of admiration and stunning feedback. People wrote about it many articles in popular architectural sites like and

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3DA: From where do you take ispiration for your artworks?

MT: I cannot define one source for my inspiration, I am usually inspired by the people and the nature around me. Usually when I embark on a project, I first try to understand what the purpose of the building will be and its geographical, environmental and cultural contexts .The client and the project context are, I would say, the greatest inspiration. By understanding these key elements I can find the best 3D visual solutions.

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3DA: How do you live this period of economic crisis? How is it in your country?

MT: Economic crisis affected on all countries around the world not only mine, but for my country it has a great effect on big projects but medium and small projects are still not bad.

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3DA: What would you suggest to people that are approaching to 3D and architecture?

MT: My advice is to learn from everything around you, think different and do your best to have your own style.

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