When I studied architecture, I also learned about 3d and I liked this sphere more, so after my graduation I started working professionally on the 3d - that was 1 year ago.


3d was my passions since the childhood, I was fond of visual arts especially interior design, so I decided to pursue it seriously and become a professional in this field.


For beginners I could advice to do a lot of learning and knowing the intricacies in the field of architecture and interior design, never to be satisfied with the success you have achieved, because the 3D-design level is growing every year.

Arga Artistika

I started this job since early 2007 when I worked as an architect consultant in Jakarta. I work harder to gain more better 3D render on 2012 through website, along with that I'm starting to run my own Interior and Architecture Studio based in Jakarta.

Dian Maulidi

90% of my satisfaction comes from customer’s satisfaction :). Both in 3D project or design, architecture and interiors, I give my best for customer satisfaction not just for the quality of the work, but also for the quality of servicing.

Romi Volentino

I remember back in year 2007, I learn normal ies light until 1.30AM just for knowing the light intensity. Nobody helped me, just me and internet! Today many people share something, but some years ago people don't wanna share so much.

Rio Febrian

I started to become a part of this archviz industry since 2008, when I was a fresh graduate from Visual Communication Design concentration in a State University of Malang, Indonesia

Lucas Djunaedy

I started to learn 3D when I was at college, but it was merely a modeling class and basic rendering provided by the college. Sooner, I started to feel that "hey, If I can design well but others could not see the way it should be, then my design is just worthless".

Arya Siek

Every project has its own story to make. I like all of my works, it's difficult to choose which one is my best work...hmm it's like asking to parents "who's your best child?"

Hary Adiwinata

To all 3D artist I always suggest consistency, this is the key! Always looking for inspiration, and always enjoy what you are doing in any detail.


I have some suggestions: just believe in yourself bacause you can do like others; Push yourself to the limit; Never get satisfied to your firsts results, that will make you more powerful to learn hard and learning by doing is the best thing to learn something new. Also enjoy yourself in 3D.


3 years ago I did a small workshop regarding custom furniture for my client and that time I knew I needed 3D for doing good presentation to my customers. I started learning 3D from that time and absolutely I fall in love with this world and I decided to be full timer in this field.