Name : Sonny Ferian
Age : 26
Country : Indonesia
Job : 3d artist architectural visualization
Website/portfolio :


3DA: Why have you decided to work in 3d-field and when have you started?
SF: When I studied architecture, I also learned about 3d and I liked this sphere more, so after my graduation I started working professionally on the 3d  – that was 1 year ago. Also  I found the online courses, that supported 
 my passion for work as 3d-artist for architectural visualization.


3DA: Describe to our readers your usual workflow.
SF: I use sketch-up for the basic 3d modeling and then import it to 3dsmax, the render engine I use is V-Ray by ChaosGroup, for post production I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Red Giant Magic Bullet for advanced post production. I usually do everything myself but when my hands are getting full I have to outsource.


3DA: What was most difficult for you when you just started working in 3D? And what is now?
SF: When you are a newcomer to 3d industry, the biggest challenge is learning everything from scratch. Modeling. Rendering. And only a lot of practice made me who I am now.


3DA: Looking back on your education process what you would have changed now? And what you consider right and would do exactly the same?
SF: From my experience during my education process (and I am still in the middle of process, and always will be because this industry keeps changing very fast and one needs to learn new things everyday) what I would change is how I started to learn, but what I don’t want to change is how I keep improving myself by practicing, afterall, practice makes perfect


3DA: Which was the biggest problem that you faced working on a project and how have you solved it?
SF: To keep the mentality and the mood constant always will be the biggest challenge for me.


3DA: What forecast you can make about the future of 3d-world in general?
SF: I think 3d will be growing rapidly and will be applied in different spheres like movies, games, and all types of design…


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