And here comes the second part of our new series of articles devoted to the artists interviewed on 3D Architettura during the previous years. As we have promised you on Facebook after the UEFA championship, this story will be about Portugal.  Let’s see together new projects of the best CG and ArchViz artists from Portugal chosen by 3D Architettura editorial team.

Sérgio Merêces

CEO & Lead 3D Artist

I began working in 3D when I was 16 years old, my first job as 3d artist was as 3D generalist for a games company, now more that 15 years already passed as I am working as 3D artist.

To start with, I think it is very important to like 3D a lot, because you’re gonna spend a lot of time studying and even more working in front of your computer. Second: don’t copy, try to show your point of view and bring your personality.

Bruno Da Silva

3D Artist

Pedro Teixeira
& Hugo Ferreira

Architects and designers

Okdraw is essentially two people with different backgrounds, we are an architect and a product designer with different paths. We both started in the 3d field around the year of 2007, as an extra to our academic and future commercial work, since Visual 3D is a very important part of the architecture and product design area. After that we got interested in knowing more and getting better at what we were doing, and the interest in this area is something that is earned with projects and experience.

I was tired of CAD drawings since I work with Autocad from 1996 to the present day. What I always loved was videogames, computers and everything related to CG. My first baby step into CG was with 3ds Max 4 in 2000 and until now I’m still a 3ds Max user. For a few years I worked for other companies, but then in 2005 I decided to create my own Studio, RIP3D Archviz, and since then, with lot of effort we still stand in this competitive market.

Mário Nogueira

3D Artist
CEO and Founder of RIP3D Archviz

Francisco Cidade
& Miguel Cardoso

Owners of Mimesis Studio

I think the most important thing it’s to have passion in what you do, and if you really want to approach to architectural visualization, don´t give up! Nowadays with such an easy access to tutorials,3D forums and social networks, we are able to connect and share our knowledge and most of all, learn. Architectural visualization and 3D, are fields that require you to be always familiar with new softwares, plugins, that arise every day…so if you really love this, go ahead it will be worth it!

In Architecture, the construction of the building represents ofcourse the ultimate goal and satisfaction, but the period between the project and its construction can take months, years or in the worst case scenario, it can simply remain on paper. Nowadays, with all the possibilities technology offers, we can have very realistic representations, anticipating in a way the final result and registering the creating process. It also allows a better communication between architects/designers and their clients (that often have difficulties understanding 2D drawings) showing a product as if it has already been built.

Germano Vieira

3D Artist,

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