Jacinto Miguel Valente Monteiro

Hello, my name is Jacinto Monteiro, I graduated as an architect, back in 2001, in Portugal, and started working in this profession for 6 years. In the peak of 2007/8 crisis, with my girlfriend pregnant of my only child, I decided to quit my architectural job and had a fresh start as a digital artist. High risk and drastic decision that changed my life completely, luckily for better.


Our names are Hugo Ferreira and Pedro Teixeira, we are an architect and product designer managing the Okdraw Studio in Portugal. We always knew each other since the young age, and when in 2012 we realized that we were both working in the 3D area but in different ways, we decided to merge our knowledge and work towards architectural and product visualization.

Portugal: best CG and ArchViz artists

Here comes the second part of our new series of articles devoted to the artists interviewed on 3D Architettura during the previous years.  Let's see together new projects of the best CG and ArchViz artists from Portugal chosen by 3D Architettura editorial team.


To obtain photorealism, remember: everything in this world has a certain imperfection: color, reflection, geometry, placement or all of them.


I was attracted to CG when a friend showed me the movie "The Third and the Seventh" by Alex Roman.


I’m self-taught, so back to those days when I started it was complicated to get some course in our country, so I didn’t know exactly where to begin, I started searching the web for tutorials or online courses and until now this is the way I learn, it’s a long learning path but it’s great, almost every day I learn something new.

Germano Vieira

Nowadays, with all the possibilities technology offers, we can have very realistic representations, anticipating in a way the final result and registering the creating process.

Pedro Torgal

The reason for deciding to work in this area was basically because I love how a project comes to life in 3D. I like all 3D areas, from games to Arch-Viz to VFX but am specializing in Arch-Viz.


I think all our personal works give us great satisfaction, because its there where we can learn more and show our main architecture and photography references, but also our rendering and post-production techniques.

Bruno da Silva

I started in 2007 with a project for school I did just for fun and I remember that I was fascinated about 3d world.

Tiago Alexandrino

Innitially, when I started to work on this image, my main purpose was a similar look than the original photo, but in the development process i've started to dreaming about which were the feelings i would like to feel in a room like this one, and then I've started to work for a very calm environment, with a really soft light and a peaceful atmosphere, simulating a little bit the lighting of a winter sunny morning.

António Castro

Discover what you like to do and "put all your effort on it", no one can guarantee that it will be easy or successful, but by doing what you like, in most of the cases, you don’t feel like a need but something you appreciate doing!