The end of the year is obviously coming. We are officially on holiday, preparing presents, dinners and parties, but I would like to take the opportunity to relax and have few moments to write directly in this site for the first time.

This year many things happened to our production agency: new people arrived, others left, some new freelancers started working with us and so on. It all sounds so good, but sincerely I have some doubts about Italian market and competition on the global scenery. We understood from many interviews that passion is the main secret of a good work.

You can see as examples these amazing pieces of art done by Tiago Alexandrino, Vyakeslav Kulagin, Fernando Gasperin, Muhammad Taher, David Brufau (and all the others).  Actually the Italian State is having troubles since 2008, nothing new on this subject, but my doubts are connected with the passion and the lack of honesty that are spreading day by day in this country.


Render by Diego Querol

I started this article with cool things happened to the production agency behind 3darchitettura, but unfortunately you can’t imagine all negative that I saw with my own eyes and all difficulties we had to face.

Sincerely I feel quite disgusted and pissed off about the major part of the entrepreneurs I meet in this last period. The lack of honesty and the continuous attempts to trick other people are terrible. Work requires passion and money – they are somehow supporting human creativity, but also respect is an important quality, nowadays missing quite often. By respect I mean a wide range of things, from the requests of changes to the payment in time. Logically in every artistic work we can experience some misunderstandings so the requests of changes are logical, but the request of a small quotation and then thousands changes alter (and even depreciate) the core of the project itself.

In other words: if the brief is composed by a single image and then a customer says he is disappointed because “some images are missing” – well, this gives a perfect idea of the situation. Another terrible situation for me is when a client “hides” in his office behind a phone and thousand mails to avoid the payment. I’m an entrepreneur and I always pay my co-workers, pay my taxes and financial issues and I don’t understand why others shouldn’t do the same.

Render by Sérgio Merêces

Also I work as teacher in several universities and I listen attentively the problems of students. I constantly notice how the schools are changing to be new agencies and how agencies become new schools. Although this trend has positive sides, from the other point of view it can be quite dangerous. I would be really interested in discussing this subject with you, and hearing your opinion.
Last thing that shocked me this year are the entrepreneurs that absolutely don’t accept foreigners. I love to cooperate with professionals of different countries; I speak English every day and I consider this language perfect for business affairs. But I know one person with double diploma in Engineering and Architecture plus a master in Italy, who failed a job interview in an agency only because her Italian was not  good enough. Dear entrepreneur, I don’t know you, but let me say that you have just lost a great collaborator…and this is just an example.


Render by Alberth Costa

So after this quick overview my question is clearly simple: where is the current market leading us? how we would be able to find our inspiration, the foundation for creative and artistic works, being in such economically regressive period surrounded by sharks?

About 3DArchitettura

3DArchitettura was started this year by my agency and is a part of a series of initiatives having 3D Renders as main topic. We succeeded in this project quite well during this year and therefore we are going to develop it more offering  better services. Our main goal is to support the 3D community, to increase international connections and in the same time to entertain passionate people with really amazing renders coming from artists all around the world. In the past I was involved in 3D World Magazine, Professional Photoshop, and many 3D lectures and conferences in Italy and abroad. I also work as technical writer, teacher and entrepreneur, since 3D Studio Max was born, and in my opinion the knowledge is absolutely important to evolve and move over this crisis period.

Luca Deriu


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