Our office is finally closed for Christmas vacation, we are sitting under the sparkling Christmas tree, drinking glühwein and looking back on this year. It was not an easiest one for sure, but it was definitely a challenging and exciting one.

Irinel Ramona Florescu

During 2013 3DArchitettura published 51 original interviews (plus their translations into Russian and Chinese). We met (virtually) a lot of creative 3d-artists from different countries, learned about their work, their difficulties and inspirations and we understood that we have more in common that one may imagine. And also already a year ago, last January, we met in person the 3d-artist, whose interview was made in the very beginning of 3DArchitettura project – Bruno Limafrom Brazil came to visit our office during his trip to Milan, and we really hope to make this kind of personal meetings our tradition.

Vic Nguyen

While researching and preparing new materials for our web-site we have noticed some trends that we would like to share and to discuss with you. This trends are connected with the spheres that usually were considered purely “virtual” or “real”and now are starting to have quite a vague borderline. For example, not long ago cinema was a serious art compared to the world of video-games that looked more primitive, while lately the last one is developing stronger plot storytelling and better visuals and becoming more and more cinematographic. Moreover professional architects and spatial designers are nowadays working on creating virtual places for the gameplay applying the same approach as they use for real urban planning. As far as 3d-graphic is concerned, many of you remember the time when renders just started to substitute photos in the catalogues. Then we were talking about 3d-realism and comparing 3d (or let’s admit – competing) with photography. After both of the arts finally have conquered their own niche, we may notice the opposite movement: some photos of the interiors made for professional media tend to copy 3d, it becomes a certain stylistic approach to imitate the light and the camera position as well as the “clean space” of a 3d-render. What will be next?- we may ask ourselves.

Chau Duy Hoat for RMT Studio

Outside of 3DArchitettura our year was also quite intense. Besides working on different projects for different clients, Luca has published his second book about 3ds Max and his first manual about V-Ray. Elena was conducting research on trend and color forecasting and Pamela was probably happier than all of us, because she found the love of her life and that is more important than all 3d and virtual worlds all together, isn’t it?

Finn Meinert Matthiesen

We hope that all of you had a good 2013 and that your 2014 will be even better. Share your thoughts and your success stories with us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Charles Guerton

3DArchitettura team
Luca, Pamela, Elena