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Tag: Autocad

Mário Nogueira interviewed for render, design, 3d, CG, architecture


I’m self-taught, so back to those days when I started it was complicated to get some course in our country, so I didn’t know exactly where to begin, I started searching the web for tutorials or online courses and until now this is the way I learn, it’s a long learning path but it’s great, almost every day I learn something new.
Mohammed Zakaria interview on 3darchitettura, render, 3d, design, architecture


The real challenge though to every architectural project on 3d field is time.

Pragya Bindal

Now our industry is growing, people also are learning traditional skills of sketching, clay art, photography, they are developing their own concept, using new techniques of story telling
3d, architecture, 3darchitettura, render, Mohsen Hashemi


I started learning with the wish to become on of the best and I always keep this wish in mind. I still have a long road ahead and some time I will make all my dreams come true.
3d, architecture, 3darchitettura, render, George Daou

George Daou

Architecture will always be my true passion, the trigger that helped me develop my 3D skills and experiment with digital artwork. It opened many doors for me, like exhibiting images in Beirut, London, and New York. So for now I’m enjoying every project and I’m happy I chose this life path.
3d, architecture, 3darchitettura, render, Roman Choudary

Roman Choudary

I have noticed that now a days realistic renderings are lessen as the conceptual graphics are taking place day by day.

Pedro Torgal

The reason for deciding to work in this area was basically because I love how a project comes to life in 3D. I like all 3D areas, from games to Arch-Viz to VFX but am specializing in Arch-Viz.

Ewa Gawron

I am glad I chose architecture studies, however I would work with 3d immediately after graduation instead of typical architectural job. Although I learned a lot designing and now is easy to understand other projects.


First of all, passion in what you`re doing, it makes your way easier, study & practice a lot, there are thousands of tutorials in the web that you can do.


Inspiration is everywhere but people can't see it until its needed. It depends on many different things, mood, lifestyle, the way you understand certain things and how you feel about it, it's an "on demand" engine ready to use.

Amir Nobakht

I was keenly interested in creating animation when I was 8. However I never knew how should I begin. In other hand I was interested in Architecture and Visual Arts and Graphic and always followed these majors.

Mihail Bendus

More difficult the project is, the more interesting it is to make it. The worse design-concept is given by the client, the more challenging is to present it the best way that even the client could not imagine.