Name: Pragya Bindal
Country: India
Job: Freelance Cg Artist



3DA:Why have you decided to work in 3d-field and when have you started?
PB: In my childhood I loved playing with colors and so I started working towards my dream in early age by learning techniques of sketching and coloring. I represented my school and college in many competitions and won prizes in them. I am lucky that my parents encouraged me to pursue my dreams and supported me in each and every step towards my dreams of following art as career. I work in 3d field because it is creative and it is only field through which I can put my dreams and imagination on screen through my work. I studied BSc in multimedia from Sikkim Manipal University and then done my Diploma course from FrameBoxx Animation and Visual Effect.



3DA:Describe to our readers your usual workflow
PB: I start working on idea according to the work given by my client. I study the references, discuss the requirement and the brief. I make a rough layout of work then start dividing the time according to it. Generally I use 3dsmax, Maya, Photoshop,  Magic Bullet and AutoCAD, Revit for architecture work. I like to do all steps by myself whether it is modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and post production. I update myself by taking training twice a year and posting my work in different forums and reading as much as possible through magazines and websites




3DA:Looking back on your education process what you would have changed now? And what you consider right and would do exactly the same?
PB: When I started working in 3d I realized their is huge difference in what you are learning from institute. They are only teaching you the tools you attend the class then do your assignment and you thing your job is done but you have to work more on that, you have to grow your boundaries by learning different aspect of 3d medium. When you work in professional environment you realize you have to start from blank again. Now our industry is growing, people also are learning traditional skills of sketching, clay art, photography, they are developing their own concept, using new techniques of story telling




3DA:Which was the biggest problem that you faced working on a project and how have you solved it?
PB:The biggest problem I faced sometimes is the time limitations – it is a creative field and sometimes ideas do not come easily, you need more time to conceptualise your vision. Other problem occurred: I want more realistic work and my client prefer semi realistic work. I try discuss my ideas with clients and hope they understand it.




3DA:What forecast you can make about the future of 3D-world in general?
PB: Now the education system is changed: the new ideas and concept of working is coming, people are realizing 3d is not about learning tools or making replica of images – you have to make your concept and studying the basic form of arts. Institutes are now making effort to teach people not only tools but giving them opportunities to visit studios, art galleries and study live models of people for sketching. I think the future of 3d is very bright because it is used in every medium whether it is movies, ads, televisions or even more people using 3d as their medium in their daily work through presentations. Schools and colleges are using 3d as medium for teaching and training people. People are thinking in making as careers in this field. Awareness in people is also developing – they know that they are seeing in movies is done through Animation and Visual Effect


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