Name: George Daou
Age: 31
Job: Architect, 2D and 3D artist
Country: Lebanon
Web site:

3DA: Why have you decided to work in 3d-field and when have you started?
GD: I did my first image at the university while studying architecture. I focused on computer graphics to implement my ideas. Then I collaborated with several architectural firms and kept experimenting with this medium until I got my first freelance job in 2006. I have since been working as a freelancer and as an architect starting 2008.

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3DA: Describe to our readers your usual workflow.
GD: I usually start my work using AutoCAD. After importing the file to 3ds Max, the real fun begins. I use V-ray as a render engine and Photoshop for post production. I never had a clear methodology. Sometimes 80% of the image is done with Photoshop after a quick and basic rendering, while other times it’s the opposite. It really depends on how much time I have to submit the project.

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3DA: What was most difficult for you when you just started working in 3D? And what is now?
GD: Back in the early days, the most difficult part was definitely to work on a single core laptop on the university campus. It wasn’t easy to do test renders and use the full V-ray set up. The rendering was done with only “one bucket”! As for now I generally use my laptop because I travel a lot, so even if it’s a more advanced machine with “8 buckets” in V-ray, render time is very long and I get frustrated for being far from my workstation.

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3DA: Looking back on your education process what you would have changed now? And what you consider right and would do exactly the same?
GD: I wouldn’t change anything. Architecture will always be my true passion, the trigger that helped me develop my 3D skills and experiment with digital artwork. It opened many doors for me, like exhibiting images in Beirut, London, and New York. So for now I’m enjoying every project and I’m happy I chose this life path.

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3DA: Which was the biggest problem that you faced working on a project and how have you solved it?
GD: Again, while abroad, I got this project with lots of details and polygons from a regular client not long. The file was huge and I just couldn’t go back home to work on my workstation. So having to work on the file with my sole laptop wasn’t easy, but I then sent it to a friend for rendering to be able to go on with post production. Not a big deal.

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3DA: What forecast you can make about the future of 3d-world in general?
GD: I think we reached the point when some 3D artworks can’t be differentiated from real life photography. The 3DBOXX 4920 XT workstation was a revolution as well; it has the ability for real time render. This is enough for me now, working on architectural visualization, testing and focusing on the artistic side while the technical tools are here (i.e. hardware, tutorials…). I’m sure amazing things will happen in the 3D world in general.


George Daou interviewed for

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