I started to make my first steps as a designer about 2 years ago and my passion gives me the possibilities to grow up in architectural visualization field. Now I work with Cinema4D for modeling and compositions, rendering is done with Corona Render and Vray. For the post-production, I always use Camera Raw in Photoshop that allows me to treat my renders like real photos.


Our target is to achieve photorealistic 3D visualizations for individual clients, companies, large institutions and anyone interested in the 3D industry.
I started working with CG in 2007, I've learned a lot from this work in ten years and still learning a lot every day. I'm a professional architect and a founder of DOD3dstudio since 2015. I like the art that involves this whole arch-viz world and the way it impacts on others. Every project is different to me, every one of them has a special message to deliver and so is the way I face them.
Сегодня мы продолжаем серию статей об animago Award 2017 и хотим представить вам интервью с победителем в номинации Лучший Кадр - художником 3D визуализации Мареком Денко. Мы поговорим о его пути в компьютерной графике и возникновении идеи и секретах создания его знаменитого проекта "Her Eventual Hesitation".
Hello, my name is Jacinto Monteiro, I graduated as an architect, back in 2001, in Portugal, and started working in this profession for 6 years. In the peak of 2007/8 crisis, with my girlfriend pregnant of my only child, I decided to quit my architectural job and had a fresh start as a digital artist. High risk and drastic decision that changed my life completely, luckily for better.
Our names are Hugo Ferreira and Pedro Teixeira, we are an architect and product designer managing the Okdraw Studio in Portugal. We always knew each other since the young age, and when in 2012 we realized that we were both working in the 3D area but in different ways, we decided to merge our knowledge and work towards architectural and product visualization.
С каждым новым проектом мы стараемся понять потребности наших клиентов и предложить им в качестве ответа решения и художественное видение, адаптированное к их задачам.
I started working with CG in the 1980's when the TV station I worked at upgraded to a digital Grass Valley video switcher and Chryon Chroma-key system, we used POV-RAY and Caligari True Space.
For me the creation of a project or a render is not just a work with a computer and drawings. The most important for me is to bring satisfaction and happiness to my customers, because the art is a symbiosis of thinking and creating with love.


Наша работа строится просто: после первой встерчи с заказчиком мы создаем сториборд и обычно за три варианта приходим к согласию относительно положения камеры, материалов, настроения и - особенно важно - ощущения, которое мы хотим передать.
Как вам уже, наверное, известно, в конце октября на animago Awards были объявлены победители этого года. Сегодня мы представляем вам Стефана Ларссона из Японии. Его анимация "Spatial bodies" была признана экспертным жюри animago лучшим архитектурным фильмом 2016 года.
Один из важнейших навыков - умение видеть мелочи в окружающем мире. Чем больше ты работаешь над деталями, тем больше фотореализма в твоей сцене.