PlaySys Software Engineering has released Real HDR 1.5 with a Skylight Module for creating photorealistic skies and clouds for CGI.

real hdr 1.5 start screen

Real HDR, a software for creating HDR files for rendering, that appeared on the market last summer, has now presented its latest update with more features for photorealistic CGI.

The Skylight module that has been in preview for several months, is now officially released and the users can benefit its complete functionality.

Along with separate setting panels for Sunlight, Atmosphere (aerial perspective, air quality, light scattering) and Clouds (two types: flat and voxel – with parameters to regulate brightness, density, scattering, and level of detail), the shadow softening and the dynamic range have been significantly improved to be proportional with the sun, atmosphere and clouds total evaluation. All these features now allow to create custom HDRI for different seasonal and weather scenarios and export the .exr files in 2K and 4K (8K export is available as an experimental option and requires at least 16 Gb of RAM).

The Photobooth module (for creating photo studio lighting scenarios mainly for product design and rendering)  has experienced several improvements in Real HDR 1.5 as well.

It now allows to create gradient backgrounds, has an option for GPU softening of the stencils shapes for SpriteLights and DarkMarks and introduced some improvements in light representation in 3d preview.

For more information about Real HDR 1.5 you can refer to release notes and user manual.

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