PlaySys has presented 1.4 release of Real HDR – standalone utility for creating custom HDR images for CGI, VFX and rendering.

This new update represents a huge step forward for Real HDR’s core and the PhotoBooth module.

Real HDR 1.4 introduces a new rendering mode with new shaders for SpriteLights and DarkMarks and a massive overall optimization on various aspects of PhotoBooth module, including new 3d preview mode and new Click&Go feature allowing to position lights on a 3D proxy sphere.

New features are focused on the usability (.RHD file validator and new keyboard shortcuts), customization (new Options menu with a “run in background” possibility, support for Retina/HiDPI display), consistency (Click&Go and the 3D Preview), and user requests (fast Export+ in lower resolution for testing the created HDR image in a rendering software, Kelvin temperature, optional 4K export).

More information on the developer’s website here

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