Next Limit, developers of Maxwell Render, have recently released their new software, RoomBox, for creating 3D visualizations directly from AutoCAD 2d plans.

The software allows the import of blueprints made in AutoCAD or Revit, further creation of a 3D scene with lighting scenarios, a library of objects, textures, and materials and – finally – rendering the visualization, including panoramas in 360 degrees.

RoomBox by Next LimitAmong the main features that users of RoomBox can benefit from their monthly or yearly subscription plan, there are:

  • Multilight function will allow you to change the lighting of the project once finished without having to launch new renders in real time.

RoomBox by Next Limit

  • Render in Cloud with a major speed advantage over traditional render.
  • Maxwell Render engine, integrated into RoomBox, with all necessary configurations for photorealistic rendering.

RoomBox by Next Limit

  • Internal library with thousands of 3D objects for decoration and construction in unlimited combinations of furniture and interior design styles.

RoomBox by Next Limit

  • Cloud storage and the possibility to share projects and objects with your work team and work on projects together.


More information about RoomBox: main features overview, tutorials from the developers, subscriptions.

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