End of last year AAA studio released updated FurryBall RT, fast unbiased and biased GPU renderer with realtime viewport preview.

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As it is written on the developers’ website, “We worked on more than year and half. We rewrote WHOLE core for you, thousands and thousands lines of the code. The latest version FurryBall RT is extra simple and easy to use for artist – you can tune whole image quality with only single parameter, if you want”.

FurryBall offers advanced raytracing techniques (path tracing),

direct support for Maya

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Cinema 4D

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and 3DS Max in version FurryBall 4.8.

Feature Highlights:

    • Viewport response about 10 times faster than in FurryBall 4.8
    • Lower GPU memory consumption
    • Interactively fine-tune post effects like Glow, Chromatic Aberration, Gamma without re-rendering
    • Interactive post-production process noise reduction

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  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use interface
  • Better physical accuracy
  • Unlimited number of GPUs
  • Tile rendering with unlimited output resolution
  • Physically-based materials and lights
  • Physically-based indirect lighting (Global Illumination)
  • Physically-based DOF – no extra render time
  • Real motion blur
  • Render passes – no extra render time
  • Unlimited layered shaders
  • Hair shader
  • IPR render support
  • Curve rendering
  • Improved car paint and SSS materials
  • Ramp shader with textures
  • Layered textures
  • Subdivision and displacement, based on Open subdiv
  • Vector displacement
  • FurryBall lights
  • Color matte pass with unlimited number of colors


FurryBall offers a free license for non-commercial use as well as other types of licenses.

Moe information on Art And Animation Studio website

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