UNIGINE 05_architecture-visualization_big

On October 10, 2015 developers of the UNIGINE game engine announced the release of it’s version 2.0 with major improvements.

UNIGINE 02_landscape-design

Nowadays when in the field of realtime visualizations we notice high competition between Unity and Unreal Engine, some artists forget about another strong player on this market. Nevertheless, UNIGINE offers solution not only for gaming, movie and entertainment industries, but for the architectural visualizations and benchmark as well.

UNIGINE 03_interior-visualization_big

Developed in Tomsk (one of the oldest towns in the Siberia region, Russia), this game engine with such features as physically-based shading, fast screen space ray tracing, color grading, that together with build-in set of materials, powerful vegetation system and integration to Oculus rift, offers wide possibilities for creating realtime interactive architectural presentations.

UNIGINE 02_interior-visualization_big

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More information on updates can be found in the developers’ blog

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