Renderpeople issued a new generation of scanned 3D people. They are entirely rigged and include features like a ready to use control rig, retopologized geometry, sub-surface-scattering and hair planes.


Posed People are static human 3D scans, which capture one specific natural pose and preferably can be used to enrich photorealistic 3D environments, which will be rendered as still images. They can be scaled, rotated and translated in place, but they will never move like human beings.



In contrast the Rigged People are able of being moved in a natural way. So every single body part either can be adjusted to fit a desired pose or can be animated frame by frame to create stunning lifelike animations. Of course it is also possible to transfer motion capture data onto our Rigged People, which makes them the perfect choice for using them in 3D rendered videos of any kind or even games and VR applications.


Besides that one can download a free Renderpeople Resizer plug-in for 3ds Max that helps to resize and relink hundreds of textures in a 3D scene within only a couple of seconds.

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