If you have ever faced the problem of purchased 3D-models mismatching the designs of your project, than probably you would be interested in the solution offered by CGPort. The team of the designers and 3d-artists came up with an idea of a try-before-buy service and created a virtual space where one can create a collage and see all the chosen 3d-models in one’s own interior and check the styles, colors and proportions.

The collage idea works pretty simple:

  1. Upload a photo of an unfurnished room or a draft of a 3d-render
  2. Put inside it all the desired models, both paid and free without any quantity limitations. Each model is rendered in 12 views that one can change directly in a collage to match with the background image perspective
  3. Save your collage to share it your clients or colleagues
  4. Purchase the models that, in your opinion, fit your design the best way

The project offers different plans from a free (where one can download just free model and save just one collage) to a monthly subscription that gives an access to all available 3d-model and allows to work on 5 collages simultaneously.


For future releases developers promise to allow to change the color of the models, to improve the user experience in collages and to allow to download in a high resolution, to update the 3d model data base and to offer ready 3d interior scenes.

More information and subscription details: cgport.com

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