Cloud graphics company, OTOY Inc., has announced a colossal update for OctaneRender 3 software and OctaneRender Cloud (ORC) rendering service, and a detailed roadmap outlining the future of Octane’s development towards a 4.0 release in 2017.

What to expect in OctaneRender 3.1

  • Native plugin ecosystem: OctaneRender will enable easy loading of plugins through ORBX modules that continuously update the host application with new features. New plugins will also enable support of different shader languages beyond OpenSL, including support for Nvidia’s Material Definition Language (MDL).
  • Native support for bone and skin animation: New functionality adds native bone and skinned mesh support for fast character animation and glTF support in ORBX scenes.
  • CPU support: For those systems that don’t have an Nvidia GPU, fallback support for CPU rendering will be included.

More information: OTOY Inc.