SideFX released Houdini 15.5 with an improved workflow for modelers, more accurate crowd controls, a new VR lens camera for rendering to industry-standard formats and support for third party rendering in Houdini Indie.

Modeling Tools

Modeling Tools such as PolyBevel, PolySplit and Dissolve have been rewritten from the ground up to add key features and optimize experience for modelers. Retopo tools now have splitting, straightening, edge loop and brush tools for positioning and relaxing points. New straighten, distribute points and make circle options are now available when editing points.

VR Lens Camera

The new VR Camera is based on a VR lens shader that lets you render VR images to forms such as Latlong spherical projection, perspective Cube Map or a stacked Cube Map – 3×2. The camera lets you set the eye separation and eye-to-neck distance, and can be used to render to built-in Mantra renderer.


Third Party Rendering for Indie

Now independent artists and studios can use RenderMan, Arnold and OctaneRender in their lighting pipeline along with Mantra renderer. Support for V-Ray, Redshift and Maxwell will also be available.

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