Autodesk has introduced virtual reality engine 3ds Max Interactive in 3ds Max 2018.1 Update available since last week.

3ds max interactive

According to Autodesk developers, 3ds Max Interactive is planned to extend the power of 3ds Max to create immersive and interactive virtual and augmented reality projects, since they believe that Unity and Unreal are not optimized for architectural visualization workflows.

3ds max interactive

3ds Max Interactive is based on Autodesk Stingray engine.

The update promises to its users:

  • you see what you get approach
  • geometry optimizations for VR
  • 3d scene data synchronization between Max and the real-time environment

3ds max interactive

  • 3ds Max Interactive viewport camera to preview 3D scene
  • -changes and testing of VR project without recompiling

Learn more details in Autodesk blog.” target=”_blank”>Autodesk blog.

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