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Pedro Antunes from Portugal interviewed for 3DArchitettura: render, 3d, CG, design, interior design, architecture


I was attracted to CG when a friend showed me the movie "The Third and the Seventh" by Alex Roman.


Maybe the biggest difficulty when I was starting was to achieve the correct lighting in terms of images and eliminating the flickering in frames sequences, in terms of animation.
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The most difficult was the fact that I did not have a computer when I started. I borrowed one from my aunt, at the time it was very good, so I did pretty well
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I think the most difficult was to start… There are so many things to learn about 3D that when I started I did not know what should I learn first

Igor Bobkov

Now the most difficult is to create chaos. In real life, for example, you do not find absolutely clean surfaces in architecture - there are water stains on walls, dust, dirt on the borders of asphalt roads and so on.
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David Ouro de Toledo

The worst problem was not using as reference 3D pictures... I decided that just using photo reference and my imagination is enough...

Mark Lester Ocampo

The biggest problem that I always encounter is the time frame, most people do not understand why rendering is so time-consuming, even my boss cannot fully understand why with such a powerful computer I have is still not enough to not leave my computer running till next morning

Mohammadreza Mohseni

I think I have been never satisfied with my results because I know it can be better and I don’t have much time to work on them to reaching almost perfection. However, every project has a time limit hence we gave up upon it

Gustavo Tassoniero

Here in Brazil the market is heated, there are times with more and less demand. Marketing activities, and a little creativity when it comes to advertise the product are essential.

Ilija Todorovic

However if you are trying to maintain high level of quality and respect toward your clients they will repay to you with the same level of gratitude and business will keep on thriving.