Sandra Vasques

Architecture Visualizer



I started 20 years ago doing 3d environments for educational software.

Then I moved to an engineering company making mostly very technic images to help construction.

Finally, in 2007, I opened my own company, Zorg.

Signature Club - City of Dreams, Macau

Sandra Vasques on 3D Architettura
It's a VIP casino area where the chandeliers are always a challenge. 3dsMax, V-Ray. Photoshop

Water Maidens - Studio City

Sandra Vasques on 3D Architettura
It's a frame of a 3 min animation for a Lazy River a pool area at the Studio City Hotel and Casino, Macau - 3dsmax, v-ray. photoshop

Macau Grand Prix Museum

Sandra Vasques on 3D Architettura
This work was carried out in parallel with the architects thus giving support in the development of the concept. all the pieces on display were modelled according to the museum's collection, they are not library elements. the museological space itself is quite small, so the big challenge was not to make the images look oppressive - 3dsmax, v-ray. photoshop

Sky Bar - Hard Rock Hotel

Sandra Vasques on 3D Architettura
Its one of those situations were the client wanted to see everything with only one image - 3dsmax, v-ray. photoshop

Grand Hyatt pool and Kids Club

Sandra Vasques on 3D Architettura
We did 9 versions of the Kids Club architecture, day and night versions. The day versions are mix photo and 3D, but the night versions as full 3D, so we had to recreate exactly the existing elements. - 3dsmax, v-ray. photoshop
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