RoomScan is an app for iOS which draws floor plans in minutes – just put your phone against the wall.

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Using the iPhone’s internal sensors, RoomScan Version 4.20 recognises a sequence of flat vertical surfaces, measuring the distance in between and creating impressively accurate plans. When you come to a door, you just tap the phone to the door frame and continue. As you move around the room you’ll see your phone draw the floor plan. When you’re all done, it’ll make some corrections to what you’ve accomplished by tapping and give you a finished image.


Main features:

• RoomScan can draw floor plans of complex rooms just as easily as small rectangular rooms.

• Measurements are estimated to the nearest 10cm.

• For super-accurate instant floor plans, use RoomScan in conjunction with a laser measure. Just tap a wall on the finished floor plan and input your measurement. RoomScan intelligently combines its own measurements with yours to create a perfect plan.

• Add doors as you walk around the room by touching the door frames, and select from a variety of door types.

• Room height can be entered manually or using a Leica® DISTO™. Wall surface area is calculated automatically.

• Wall lengths can now be set by entering a length when drawing rooms manually as well as with AutoCorrect.

• Doors, windows and other objects can now be dragged into place with your finger.

• The door type can now be chosen as part of the “add door” circular menu option, instead of having to change it afterwards

• Rooms are automatically connected together to create a plan of the whole floor.

• Save your floor plan to the Camera Roll or export to other formats like PDF, DXF for AutoCAD and SketchUp. There is a nominal fee for advanced export options but not for saving as an image.

• Add notes and photos to the floor plans – RoomScan can even take photos automatically and place them in the correct position on the plan.

• Choose your own custom floor plan colours.

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