Gravity Sketch, the first 3D creation tool designed for touch and gesture input, makes 3D design accessible for everybody left behind in the 2D world of pen and paper.


Gravity Sketch works by “direct 3D generation” on a virtual plane, allowing to quickly bring your imagination to life. Everything happens in real-time, and the experience of seeing 3D content being generated under your finger is quite exciting. Once you’re done creating, you can order a 3D print straight from the app, delivered by Shapeways.




The team is working on a version for Oculus Rift which will bring 3D creation to a new level of immersion. One of their earlier prototypes was conceived for Augmented Reality applications, and with the Microsoft Hololens announcement they hope AR will become an affordable reality in the coming years.
With a product arc covering tablets, AR and VR, Gravity Sketch has the ambition to become the go-to tool for 3D creation.

Gravity Sketch is available for free on the App Store for iPad & iPad Pro.

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