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Jan K. Vollmer

The light is in my opinion one of the most important things in the field of 3D. You have to think like a photographer to catch the right moment for that kind of visuals. You could be the greatest modeler on earth, but if you are not able to set the model in a nice light it would not work!

Ilija Todorovic

However if you are trying to maintain high level of quality and respect toward your clients they will repay to you with the same level of gratitude and business will keep on thriving.

Mario Ontiveros

I think my work is still in development stage, so every scene is a little(huge) satisfaction, because in each of them I try to always give a little more effort (a better shader, new lighting solutions, more modeling details, etc


When you want to present your work in the best way possible you have to go beyond drawings and sketches. In that sense modeling is a very useful tool, and we gradually started going down that path during our studies.


It was in the beginning of year 2010. I was still studying in high-school and started to choose my future profession to enter a university. So I have decided for interior design. While collecting more information about this work-field. I found a web-site where it was written that for making interior renders one should learn 3DS Max. That's how my acquaintance with 3d-graphic began.

Dian Maulidi

90% of my satisfaction comes from customer’s satisfaction :). Both in 3D project or design, architecture and interiors, I give my best for customer satisfaction not just for the quality of the work, but also for the quality of servicing.