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First of all, passion in what you`re doing, it makes your way easier, study & practice a lot, there are thousands of tutorials in the web that you can do.


I think all our personal works give us great satisfaction, because its there where we can learn more and show our main architecture and photography references, but also our rendering and post-production techniques.


Inspiration is everywhere but people can't see it until its needed. It depends on many different things, mood, lifestyle, the way you understand certain things and how you feel about it, it's an "on demand" engine ready to use.

Amir Nobakht

I was keenly interested in creating animation when I was 8. However I never knew how should I begin. In other hand I was interested in Architecture and Visual Arts and Graphic and always followed these majors.

Mesraem Ceniza

Just a few words for those who’d like to take their career into CG or Architectural Visualization, never stop learning just keep on honing your skills, do a lot of research and learn from fellow artists too be open-minded when you want your work to be criticized only through that you will improved.

Charles Guerton

I am always frustrated when I finish a work, never really completely satisfied with the final result but I love when great artists look at my work and comment, it feels that somehow I managed to reach their attention.

Marcin Kasperski

Hmm…the project that gave me great satisfaction…for sure it was my first serious job. I was obliged to prepare some visualizations regarding diploma project for one girl. I’ve been total newbie this time for such a project. Of course, I couldn’t avoid any mistakes, problems and lots of sleepless nights – because of the deadline.

Mihail Bendus

More difficult the project is, the more interesting it is to make it. The worse design-concept is given by the client, the more challenging is to present it the best way that even the client could not imagine.

Gustavo Tassoniero

Here in Brazil the market is heated, there are times with more and less demand. Marketing activities, and a little creativity when it comes to advertise the product are essential.

Irinel-Ramona Florescu

I never planned to become a 3D artist. I have a degree in architecture, but my greatest passion has always been the interior design. At first 3D modeling was simply a tool to create and present my design solutions, but with time it grew on me and I became interested in it as an art.

Stanislav Orekhov

There is plenty of different information, even too much. And it its abundance one should have a lot of patience for self-education: should be diligent and have a lot of time. The main problem now is not to find information, but to evaluate its quality. How are you going to spend your time and what result will you get?

Mojtaba Yaghoobi

Virtual world is in front of us. Definitely in a near future the paperless world is in approaching us with an avantgard prospective of the future I do believe that 3D work is going to be much more useful than any other skill around its range .