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I love the architecture and 3D. now it's like half of my heart. They can not be separated. I will always follow it and never changed.

Mark Lester Ocampo

The biggest problem that I always encounter is the time frame, most people do not understand why rendering is so time-consuming, even my boss cannot fully understand why with such a powerful computer I have is still not enough to not leave my computer running till next morning


I think all our personal works give us great satisfaction, because its there where we can learn more and show our main architecture and photography references, but also our rendering and post-production techniques.

Mesraem Ceniza

Just a few words for those who’d like to take their career into CG or Architectural Visualization, never stop learning just keep on honing your skills, do a lot of research and learn from fellow artists too be open-minded when you want your work to be criticized only through that you will improved.

Mario Ontiveros

I think my work is still in development stage, so every scene is a little(huge) satisfaction, because in each of them I try to always give a little more effort (a better shader, new lighting solutions, more modeling details, etc