Tag: Maya

Pragya Bindal

Now our industry is growing, people also are learning traditional skills of sketching, clay art, photography, they are developing their own concept, using new techniques of story telling

Alexander Lysak

Every project I start with collecting information: drawings, textures, photos etc. Professional architecture photos help to understand the atmosphere - to play with light and shadow and to create realistic details of the environment.


When I gonna create something new I keep away from common things, or other 3D artworks 'cause it can make me copy others' ideas and I really hate this things. So I kind like to travel, go to bars with my friends, talk about other stuffs, cause I know it will gives me good ideas, take photos helps too.

Charles Guerton

I am always frustrated when I finish a work, never really completely satisfied with the final result but I love when great artists look at my work and comment, it feels that somehow I managed to reach their attention.