KeyShot 5.1

If you’re looking for increased workflow speed and better quality of visual production from an advanced rendering and lighting technology program that has already proven itself to be dependable, the KeyShot 5.1 from Luxion should be top of your list. Luxion is the maker of KeyShot, the firsl real-time ray tracing and global illumination program. In November of 2014, they came out with the KeyShot 5.1 which added several new improvements and additions.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the new version.

New Features and Benefits

With the 5.1, you could now edit patterns, render all Cameras and Viewsets and it even has support for touch-enabled devices, which are far too common these days. It has retina displays and support for PTC Creo 3.0 and Cinema 4D. It is the greatest and most up to date in 3D rendering and visualization that you will find today.

Here are some additional pros:

  • Pattern Updates – You will find new pattern updates for the 5.1 such as ability to Edit Pattern, automatically Adjust Camera and set Scattering. Any part of the pattern can be used now to bring up edit options for the pattern.

  • Render Cameras/Viewsets – Now you can add saved Cameras/Viewsets directly to the Render Queue. You can queue up whole jobs at once or create a priority queue. This gives you a lot of control and flexibility in getting rendering jobs done.

  • Sorensen leather materials – The 5.1 features beautiful, high-quality leather materials that cannot be beat. This new version allows colors and textures to be matched exactly with the hides and viewed under different lighting.

  • 6 new procedural textures – 5.1 gives you Brushed (3D), Camouflage (3D), Lattice Circular (2D), Lattice Polygon (2D), Spots (3D) and Wood Adv. (3D)

  • Multi-touch support – For more convenience, multi-touch support for devices running Windows is here. Drag and drop colors and more with realtime rendering and complete control.

There are many more pros to the KeyShot 5.1 such as retina display support, Creo 3.0 support, Cinema 4D support, and the KeyShot Cloud you will be familiar with if you’ve used any KeyShot before. This allows you to find assets, share your design materials, lighting, textures, backplates and more. There are hundreds of materials added to the Cloud and more added each day.

KeyShot starts at $995 and also has Pro versions and add-ons for you to consider. 5.1 is available as an immediate download and a free upgrade to current customers with subscriptions. It’s that easy and it will greatly improve your KeyShot experience today!