Luxion released KeyShot 8 on October 2nd. The release is focused on updates in the following directions: materials and volume, lighting and optics, advanced geometry, image and output, and collaboration.

What’s new in KeyShot 8

  • Real-time image adjustments with tone-mapping, shadows, highlights and color
  • Cutaway applied as a material to any geometry. The Cutaway material allows to add and define the Cutaway Caps as a shaded color, the same material as the object being cut or a custom material.
  • Particle and volumetric scattering for smoke and fog using Scattering Medium, a new Material Type in KeyShot 8.
  • Material Graph to control geometry with displacement, bubbles (for spherical cavities) and 3-dimensional flakes
  • KeyShot Viewer for interactive presentations

keyshot 8More info in Keyshot blog, release notes and the press release.

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