MentalCore allows you easily solve many rendering problems such as Ambient Occlusion transparency.

The MentalCore environment shader allows you to control the environment for different stages of rendering (reflections, finalgatheretc)

Create and preview render passes at the click of a button. MentalCore makes working with render passes simple, straightforward and simple. Coming with a wide range of material, texture and utility shaders, making it even easier and faster to achieve the look you desire.

MentalCore, developed by Supervising Technical Director Corey Frew at Oktobor Animation, animation studio for several high-profile Nickelodeon series, is production-proven and provides enhancements to the standard rendering workflow using Autodesk Maya with NVIDIA mental ray. Suitable for any size studio, MentalCore supports Maya 2011 and Maya 2012, and hosts a user-friendly interface and robust feature set, including:

· Render Globals Interface – Quick access to all global settings and render passes
· Node Based Render Pass System – Reliable render pass system that eases linking to objects, materials and lights
· Shader Library – Achieve desired looks with new material, texture and utility shaders
· Color Management System – Easily adopt a linear color workflow
· Preview Render Passes – Preview render passes in the renderview without the memory overhead of rendering all other passes in one go
· Ambient Occlusion Transparency – Support for ambient occlusion transparency
· Python API – Easily integrate MentalCore into any pipeline
· mental ray Compatibility – Compatible with mental ray standalone renderer



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