KeyShot Viewer Released

Luxion has released KeyShot Viewer a free, stand-alone, touch-enabled, desktop application for Mac and Windows for sharing, interactive viewing and presentation of KeyShot scenes. KeyShot Viewer uses the same CPU-powered ray-tracing render engine as KeyShot to produce amazing photo-realistic visuals in real-time.

Autodesk Sketchbook goes free

Autodesk digital drawing software, Sketchbook, became free for Windows, Mac and Tablet from May 1st. This free individual version of Sketchbook will function cross-platform with Autodesk ID after a week's trial period, while Sketchbook Pro version will be, as previously, available for enterprises with multiple user licenses.
animago award 2018 call for entries

animago AWARDS 2018: открыта подача заявок

Мы рады снова быть информационным спонсором animago Awards и объявить об открытии подачи заявок на этот престижный конкурс в области компьютерной графики.

V-Ray for Unreal

Chaos Group has opened the beta for new V-Ray for Unreal Engine that allows to bring V-Ray scenes from 3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp directly into the Unreal Editor and connects the best of real-time and ray tracing.

Unreal Studio open beta

Unreal Studio - a complex real-time visualization solution created specifically to meet the needs of architects and product designers - is in free open beta until November 2018.

Photogrammetry in Unity

Technical artists from Unity Labs created a highly detailed photogrammetry guide for professional artists to produce high-quality, reusable digital assets from photos and video.

What’s new in GrowFX 1.9.9

Exlevel released Service pack 6 for GrowFX 1.9.9, a plant modeling and animation system for 3ds Max and offers 25% discount till the end of April.

V-Ray Cloud

Chaos Group presented the end of February V-Ray Cloud beta - new cloud rendering integrated directly in V-Ray that seamlessly unlocks the speed and virtually unlimited power of the cloud.

ProBuilder and Polybrush join Unity

The full editions of ProBuilder and Polybrush, tools for seamless level design and texturing, recently became part of Unity and are now available to all subscription plans with no extra costs.

V-Ray Next, Beta 2 for 3ds Max

End of February Chaos Group presented V-Ray Next, Beta 2 for 3ds Max with GPU volume rendering, Nvidia denoising and many other cool new features.

OctaneRender for Unity

Unity engine developers announced their partnership with OTOY and presented OctaneRender for Unity Editor.

Rhino 6 for Windows

Robert McNeel & Associates have recently released Rhinoceros 6 for Windows.