amir lashgari on 3darchitettura

Amir Lashgari

Marko Stojkovic

Alexander Beim / LotusArt on 3D Architettura

Alexander Beim

Sandra Vasques on 3D Architettura

Sandra Vasques

Mohamed Faisal Al-Kazee: Arch Viz. Interview on 3D Architettura. Digital Architecture Magazine

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Basically, 3D was just a hobby for me but ended up being a way of life. In the beginning I used to have it as a second job but then days went by and I loved it even more and in 2008 I opened my own office and named it xDream3D.
Since I was studying at university I started to work as a cad teacher, then after finished university and came back from a scholarship in UK I decided to open my own studio so is relative young it has a year and a half since I opened it.
My name is Bruno Lima, I am 30 years old and I’m Brazilian. Luiz Andrade and I are partners at DPI Studio. We started to produce still images at the architecture and urbanism course in the university in 2002.