I have some suggestions: just believe in yourself bacause you can do like others; Push yourself to the limit; Never get satisfied to your firsts results, that will make you more powerful to learn hard and learning by doing is the best thing to learn something new. Also enjoy yourself in 3D.

Andre Serpa

I was tired of doing scale models and I didn’t fit the type of architecture I was doing so I needed something that allowed me to visualize complex shapes in a faster and more creative way and that’s when i started using 3D as design tool.

Francesco Rega

I have done many projects that gave me great satisfactions, but the one I prefer is for an interior design company that makes interiors for churches and communities.
I began working in 3D when I was 16 years old, my first job as 3d artist was as 3D generalist for a games company, 15 years already passed working as 3D artist
3 years ago I did a small workshop regarding custom furniture for my client and that time I knew I needed 3D for doing good presentation to my customers. I started learning 3D from that time and absolutely I fall in love with this world and I decided to be full timer in this field.
I was guided by my uncle to pursue the field of 3D, because he's a contractor. Until that moment 3 years have been passed, but I started working in depth since last year because I just had a computer.
Now, after a period of deep knowledge expansion, I am proud to be part of the Designconnected team, which main goal is to provide highest quality 3D models of designer furniture, lighting and accessories with maximum attention to proportions, shapes, details and textures.

Alberth Costa

The beginning is always very difficult, and we must persist to achieve a target in the market, that is very competitive searching market professionals with high quality. This is why one has to to be qualifying every day.

db renders

I'm really interested now in composition, so I'm reading a lot of blogs of photography, and enjoying with some personal analysis of the pictures.


Basically, 3D was just a hobby for me but ended up being a way of life. In the beginning I used to have it as a second job but then days went by and I loved it even more and in 2008 I opened my own office and named it xDream3D.
Since I was studying at university I started to work as a cad teacher, then after finished university and came back from a scholarship in UK I decided to open my own studio so is relative young it has a year and a half since I opened it.
My name is Bruno Lima, I am 30 years old and I’m Brazilian. Luiz Andrade and I are partners at DPI Studio. We started to produce still images at the architecture and urbanism course in the university in 2002.