Name: Johnny Young
Age: 35 Years
Job: Interior Designer
Country: Indonesia
Web site:


3DA: How did you start working in 3D field? How much time has been passed and what kind of studies did you do?
JY: The first time I knew 3D world was in year 2000. When I saw my classmate thesis. After that i pushed myself to learn 3D, but I failed. Then I forgot it to have a dream become a 3D artist. But after I saw the vacancy on the net and the newspaper. The company were always asking the knowledge of 3D software as requred skill. I wanted to move forward, but I couldn’t. Because I wasn’t able to operate with the 3D software at that moment. Since then I promise to myself: “this is the time for me to learn something that I dream about”. Shortly, I did it! I learnt Maya 7 in year 2006 by myself without any mentor, just from the one and only Maya 4.5 tutorial book I had and many of basical CD tutorials of Digital-Tutors. During my learn, it’s been a hard periode in my life. Struggled alone without anyone help, Really hard for me to find Maya tutorial book in my country. I just found one in book store. For sure Google helped me a lot. I found difficulty to find tutorials related to my chosen software: Maya, but i managed it. Learning by doing, trial and error are the hardest way to improve. Being patient to solve one by one case.
From the first year to sixth years I passed on this field with nothing. Nothing impressed works I made. This was taken long by 3D artist to have a good skill. After 7 years I knew 3D, slowly but sure I found many tricks on my learning. I was improved lots. I got many of awards on challenges, front page on 3D Visualization forums or blogs (,,,,,, etc). Since then I really enjoy myself on 3D. I feel a bright future on it.
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3DA: Which are your favourite software and plugins for your daily projects?
JY: My daily software is not really far from Maya, Mental Ray, Autocad and Photoshop. I think I am the one and only 3D artist in my country using Maya as main 3D software and Mental Ray as favourite rendering engine by doing 3D Interior Design visualization. I can ensure you for this! 3ds Max and Vray are widely used for Architectural and Interior Design, nowadays. Lots of people got surprise and shock when they saw my works. They thought my works were made with Max and Vray. But unfortunately, they’re wrong! They’re never thought that Maya and Mental Ray also has a great result like Max and Vray. Lots of people even don’t know what is Maya. They even never heard about it :) They only knew 3ds Max and Vray. So, this is my job to let people know about Maya.
I’ve never used any plug-in or script for my works. All of my works are original from the software. This is silly of me. I won’t use plug-in, because I thought that plug-in is a cheat and I dislike the idea of cheating.
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3DA: Tell us something about a project that gave you great satisfactions
JY: Almost every works impressed me much. But if you want me to choose one, there’s a project that I’d never forgot: it was a bedroom design. I did it in only 6 hours from zero, without design concept untill the final rendering. This is amazing speed that I did. Actually, my common speed by doing a project requires from 3 to 7 days to complete it. I need lot of time to think about the design but if there’s a concept design, my speed would boost.
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3DA: From where do you take ispiration for your artworks?
JY: Honestly, I have no admire 3D artist, architect or Interior Designer, so far. I just love designing and when I find a nice artwork, I’d like to save it on my computer as my inspiration, so somehow Google is my inspiration :) Beside Google, sometimes I also take a look to ArchDaily, Evermotion, CGSociety, Home-designing and also design magazines.
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3DA: How do you live this period of economic crisis? How is it in your country?
JY: No problem. I’m living in Jakarta, Indonesia, there’s no big crisis impact in my country. In here still good future in designing and development. Since this August 2012, I became an Interior Design Contractor and I have my own workshop to produce furnitures. Until now I’m doing two running projects in an apartment and residence as a contractor. I feel no crisis at all. From the news that I read, my country economic growth is about 6%, two years in row. A second highest economic growth in the world beside China. So, I’d say that we have no impact of European countries crisis.
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3DA: What would you suggest to people that are approaching to 3D and architecture?
JY: I have some suggestions: just believe in yourself bacause you can do like others; Push yourself to the limit; Never get satisfied to your firsts results, that will make you more powerful to learn hard and learning by doing is the best thing to learn something new. Also enjoy yourself in 3D. Get rest if you feel bore! But immediately back to concentrate to learn again if you feel better. It’ll keep you survive…It worked in me. Take your time to see what’s new in nowadays trend design in your environment. Always update your knowledge of design by surfing to the internet. That’s it.

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