Developers of Unigine, a real-time 3D visualization platform for simulation and training, digital twins, BIM and VR, have recently released Unigine 2.8 with improved asynchronous data streaming, cached shadows optimization work, various shadow improvements, better FPS stabilization functionality, improved vegetation, better subsurface scattering, interleaved lights rendering, and multiple other rendering improvements.

Among key features of this release one may find:

  • Optimized work with shadows — the Cached Shadows to replace dynamic shadows and use baked ones for everything static, thus reducing load and significantly improving performance.

Unigine 2.8 shadows

  • Photorealistic vegetation for true-to-life outdoor environments delivering a highly immersive experience.

Unigine 2.8

  • Occluded reflections clipping, additive blending for environment probes and multi-scattered specular reflections on rough surfaces for visual improvements and more flexibility in reflections control.

Unigine 2.8

For more detailed information about Unigine 2.8 you can refer to the official release notes and to development blog

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