Twilight Render team recently announced the new release of their plugin for photorealistic (biased and unbiased) rendering in Sketch Up.


They have fixed some bugs from the previous versions and introduced some new features and improvements:

  1. Added Maximum Iterations to all the render windows to limit the number of passes to use for Unbiased renders
  2. Added maximum iterations to preview display windows to support unbiased preview scenes*
  3. Converted Render History over to saving High-Dynamic Range image data
  4. Added Post-Processing support for Render History images
  5. Added material name Auto Complete to the Template and Deep Material editors (Windows only)
  6. Added customizabled Watermark feature for image branding in renders, animation, and batch renders
  7. Added Per-Node Preview to Deep Material Editor to view the affects of each node separately or combined
  8. New Edge, Texture, and Face Tools:
  • Connect, Bevel, Hard, and Soft Edges
  • Select Loop, Ring
  • Spherical, Cylindrical, and Camera Projection
  • Texture Mapping Subdivide, Triangulate, and Greeble

Twilight is a plugin for Trimble SketchUp that allows you to render photo-realistic images of your scene, completely within the SketchUp interface. Twilight supports biased and unbiased rendering methods, renders native SketchUp animation as a sequence of images, supports Photometric (IES) lights, both as Light objects and as Light Emitting material, supports Image Based Lighting using both HDR and standard (jpg, png, etc) images.

More information you can find on the developers’ website

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