Unity engine developers announced their partnership with OTOY and presented OctaneRender for Unity Editor.

OctaneRender is the first and fastest path-traced, GPU-accelerated render engine and it brings photorealistic cinematic rendering directly into the Unity Editor:

  • Speed: GPU-accelerated batch rendering
  • Quality: unbiased and physically accurate
  • Flexibility: plugin support for 25+ digital content creation tools
  • Path-Tracing: path-traced rendering for high resolution VR and AR
  • Dynamic Viewport: integrated into Timeline for real-time 3D editing
  • OctaneRender Materials: custom materials available in-engine
  • Compositing Toolset: separate renders into multiple layers and passes for compositing
  • OctaneRender Imager: in-render color correction
  • Post Processor: in-render 2D FX enhancements
  • Integrated Stereo Rendering Options: panoramic, side-by-side, anaglyphic, over-under

octane render unity

OctaneRender Recorder now allows to record animations or sequences made with Unity’s Timeline and export either as a movie file or as an ORBX format. Recorder makes composing films through Timeline, Cinemachine, and now Play mode, that much easier.

One of the immediately noticeable features in OctaneRender for Unity is the PBR Viewport. It provides a window into your scene as viewed by a path-traced render engine.

For pre-rendered sequences, OctaneRender steps up the quality of the scene immediately, even with standard Unity shaders.

OctaneRender for Unity comes in three versions—a free tier and two subscription options, at $20 or $60 for packages that unlock more GPUs and OctaneRender plugins for leading 3D authoring tools.

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