Imagine the possibility offered by Physically Based (Realtime) Rendering (PBR shading) and the immediate response of this next-gen videogame technology applied to 3D Visualization.

video copilot elements 3d for adobe after effectsNow imagine the possibilities to model, texturize and render quickly without third party renderers inside 3ds Max, Maya or other 3d package, simply opening the 3d mesh in After Effect for animated post production. It would be cool to benefit of OpenGL libraries for raytraced shadow computation and ambient occlusion enhancement while using cubemaps for reflections and refractions. Imagine to apply distortion to meshes and textures, directly inside After Effects, as well as basic modifiers like extrude or bevel. All this must happen in a pleasuring and simple user interface, that ensure the maximum control on all the parameters even from After Effects itself.

Well, all this is possible using Element 3D, developed by famous Video Copilot and updated to version 2.0.